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Nature has been maintaining itself long before we interfered. Our mission is the establishment and re establishment of turf facilities to be able to maintain their projects on a fully organic program, by re-building the natural biology in their soil, with the objective to making them chemical free, environmentally friendly and help reduce their maintenance costs.

To achieve this we utilizes tried and proven techniques throughout the organic industry to re establish the natural biology back into the soil which improves the soil structure and feeds the plant the way it has always been done in nature.

By re establishing this natural soil biology, you have a natural balance in your soil which protects your plants from infestations of disease, pests and weeds. Your thatch is naturally controlled by the biology which in turn feeds the nutrients back to the plant; this is called the law of return. By re establishing your biology, your soil structure improves, improving the water holding capabilities of your soil and by re establishing the mycorrhizal fungi the plant is able to access minerals and water that was previously unavailable, all reducing your water demands.
By implementing this natural process you avoid any risk of polluting the environment and make your property safe to the natural flora and fauna, safe for the staff and people utilizing and surrounding your facility.
Another benefit of the program is that unlike other methods, it is much more budget friendly and over time your costs continually decrease as your requirement for inputs reduces, thus greatly increasing your savings.
Implementation of our organic turf maintenance program, will help you to achieve the following benefits
With Savings
With Safety
With Improvements
With Improvements

Organic Turf Solutions offers consultancy and project management for new and existing projects based on our extensive experience within the industry to help develop and maintain your facility with environmentally and budget friendly practices. We understand that all sites and projects are different, with diverse environments, requirements, budgets, etc. thus we offer a customized approach to every individual project to meet their individual needs.

We can assist with most turf facilities (public or private) which include but are not limited to the following:

Whether you commit to transitioning your facility to fully organic from the start or you wish to do it in stages, we can tailor a program to suit your needs and/or budget.


Organic Turf Solutions offers the following services:

We can develop programs to suit your specific requirements, whether it be the transitioning of an existing facility or the establishment of a new facility.

We can also assist with the sourcing of materials ( we utilize Australian made products which are locally sourced where possible ) and provide ongoing support and assistance.

You can contact us for an initial free consultation to evaluate your site and /or project to discuss how we can assist you.

Our partners
What makes us different to the limited companies who are currently working in this field is that we are not pushing one ideology or product. We utilize the best techniques from all the current practices and the best products that are available to achieve the best results.
As a company we aim to offer the client an organic turf maintenance program that follows 4 main goals: